About the Boat -- Well Adjusted

"Welladjusted" is a 30-foot Luhrs, complete with all the navigational and safety equipment required by the United States Coast Guard. There are 6 electric Big Jon downriggers, 16 foot outriggers, two digital graphs, radar, a neat galley with a head (restroom), and an 11.5 foot beam that gives the perfect platform to fight an angry king salmon. According to most passengers aboard the "Welladjusted," MC Sports doesn't have as many lures as are on board.

What to bring:
1. Warm cloths. Regardless of the time of year, it can be significantly cooler on the water than on shore.

2. Sunglasses, sunscreen and hats. The sun can be extremely strong and the reflection off the water adds a dimension of tanning rays not found on shore. It is a great place to work on your tan.

3. Water. Alcoholic beverages are certainly allowed on board, but water is highly recommended. We usually have a supply on board, but just to be sure, you might want to bring your own.

4. Snacks

5. Coolers. To put your snacks and water in, and to bring your fillets home.

6. Cameras, cell phones, etc. Just remember, it is a boat and we can't be responsible for water damage to your electronics. The "Welladjusted" has a "Go Pro" video camera on board, and your action videos can be purchased after your trip.