Common Questions

  • Do I need a fishing license and what will it cost?
    Yes. Daily licenses are available on board. Michigan law requires all persons over 16 years old be licensed to fish. Fishing licenses may be purchased ahead of time at the Michigan DNR website.

  • Will it be rough?
    West Bay is protected on the West, South and East. The only time there is a concern about wave action, is when a strong wind blows directly out of the North. It is rare to have more than a 1 foot sea in West Bay during fishing season.

  • How many fish can we catch?
    The limit for Salmon is 5 total per person, with no more than 3 of any species (3 Kings, 2 Coho or 2 Coho, 3 Kings, etc). Lake trout have a limit of 1 per person, in the required slot. Steelhead and Brown Trout have a limit of 3 per person.

  • Do I need a life jacket?
    No you are not required to wear a life jacket. As required by the United States Coast Guard, ample life jackets are available and well marked. You are certainly welcome to wear a life jacket if you prefer.

  • Do you clean the fish for us?
    Yes. Your fish will be cleaned and bagged at no additional cost.